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Based on an agreement between the Canadian grant and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources represented in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund, the Economic and Sustainable Energy Development Project in Jordan (SEED), which specifically works in each of Ajloun and Deraila District, was created with joint funding from the Energy Fund at 10% and the government Canadian by 90%, with the aim of developing local communities by spreading awareness and applying energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in the domestic sector, and public sector institutions from a select group of government schools and health centres in addition to municipalities.

In addition SEED has donated a share of 100% for 6 schools in Ajloun and Da'r Alaa in the schools program done by JREEEF. The project worked to equip 6 schools in Ajloun and Derala District through the Canadian grant. As these schools were provided with renewable PV systems, heating / cooling air conditioners for all classrooms, solar heaters, energy saving bulbs for all classroom and administrative rooms, technical workshops, general maintenance for schools and scientific laboratories in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Believing in the project the importance of awareness in the renewable energy sector, the project has carried out an awareness campaign for students in schools in each of Ajloun Governorate and Derla District to include 18,000 male and female students through interactive scientific activities and experiments with students and training teachers to use energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. The project also designed the Energy Heroes game, which is a recreational scientific tool that entrenches the principles of energy through play, in addition to providing energy laboratories with the latest tools, educational equipment and scientific experiments to create awareness for male and female students in the future and champions of the energy sector in the future.


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