A demand side management (DSM) concept is considered one of the most important management concepts of energy management in the world, therefore; Jordan has developed demand side management model in cooperation with USAID, which is funded by Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF), and approved by Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC). Lighting accounts for 30% of household energy consumption. Thus, attempts to save energy in this domain is of great value and will have a direct impact in reducing monthly electricity bill. JREEEF designed a project to replace old light lamps in houses with energy saving LED ones, which is considered the first project within demand side management concept, and the first DSM project that will be implemented by the three distribution companies in Jordan, the reconsideration and the actual implementation was supported by the Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Project in Jordan (SEED).

Project Description

150000 old Fluorescent lamps and old incandescent lamps are going to be replaced with LED Tube and LED Bulb Lamps in households, providing the details below:

 Target group: the first three households’ categories (0-500 kWh/month), 30000 households.

 Implementing company: the three distribution companies in Jordan; Electricity Distribution Company EDCO, Jordanian Electric Power Company JEPCO and Irbid District Company IDECO are implementing the project.

 Stakeholders: Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) issued an approval letter that gives them an incentives of 30% of the first year savings resulted from the project in case of 100% implementation.

 Fund and supervision: Jordan Renewable Energy & energy Efficiency fund (JREEEF) is fully funding the project, it funds lamps cost and half of the Implementation cost, the estimated cost is 1.5 Million JD.

JREEEF is managing the project with a full system of monitoring, evaluation and verification, the project is expected to be expanded up to 1 million LED Lamps and to target 250000 households, with 6 Million JD funded by JREEEF.

Replacing lighting units with 150,000 units in homes in cooperation with the three distribution companies, the project started in 2017 and continues until 2020.

How to apply

For the Northern area of Jordan : Click Here

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