The Ministry of Energy launches a campaign to distribute 20,000 LED lighting units in poverty areas

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, through the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Fund, today, Tuesday, launched a campaign to distribute 20,000 energy-saving lighting (LED) units for homes, in areas of poverty pockets in the Kingdom, with the aim of reducing the energy bill in these homes and maintaining the quality of lighting in them.

 5 high-quality LED bulbs will be distributed to each house in two phases, at a rate of 10,000 units per phase, with a donation from the Jordanian company (PowerTech) as part of a partnership project between the two public sectors represented by the Renewable Energy Fund / Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the private represented by the Jordanian company (BOTAC) ).

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources / Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Fund, Eng. Hala Zawati, said at the launch of the campaign that the project comes within a package of subsidized projects implemented by the Energy Fund in the homes of citizens and includes providing support for solar heaters and solar cells that generate electricity in addition to LED lamps, in order to mitigate From the burden of the monthly electricity bill on the beneficiaries.

Zawati praised the existing cooperation between the public and private sectors in several energy-saving projects and programs (the home sector, schools, places of worship and hotels) in the various governorates of the Kingdom, especially the projects of installing solar cell systems that generate electricity, solar heaters and energy-saving equipment.

 Joint teams from the Fund and (Powertec) will distribute the energy-saving units provided by the Jordanian company (PowerTech) according to high-quality technical specifications according to the Jordanian Institution for Standards and Metrology in order to reduce the household electrical bill while maintaining the quality of lighting.

 The campaign to distribute lighting units to poor and remote areas includes several regions and governorates (Ghor Fifa in Karak, Rahma and Qatar in Aqaba, Al-Ruwaishid, Al-Risha and Manshiyat Al-Ghayath in Wadi Al-Sharqiyah, Fannoush in Deir Alla, and Al-Khashafiya and Al-Manakhir in Sahab, and Schneller camp in Marka) The number of families benefiting from the campaign is 2000 families, with an estimated 10,000 individuals benefiting.

 For his part, the Executive Director of the Fund, Dr. Rasmi Hamzah, stressed the importance of the project in providing electrical energy in homes by 150,000 kilowatt hours / year, equivalent to providing a financial value for the saved electricity of 9 750 Jordanian dinars / year, which contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 100 Tons per year, which contributes to Jordan's commitments and contributions to carbon emissions and climate change issues.

In turn, the director general of the Jordanian company (POTAC), Engineer Majd Al-Masry, said that the company's donation comes in partnership with the public sector to support the less fortunate areas through (Osram LED Vans) lighting units that are distinguished by their high quality and save about 90 percent of energy consumption compared to traditional lamps except for It is environmentally friendly, praising the partnership with the Ministry of Energy through the Renewable Energy Fund.

 The fund had distributed 130,000 home lighting units within the previous programs and projects of the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Fund.

 In addition, 24,000 energy-saving lighting units were distributed through the Economic Development Project (SEED), which is financed by the Canadian government and the Jordanian government through the Renewable Energy Fund, and implemented in the governorates of Ajloun and Al-Balqa, the Canadian company, Water.

 These projects come within an integrated project plan that the Energy Fund is implementing with local partners and international donors, with the aim of reducing the burden of the monthly electricity bill on the Jordanian citizen.


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